10 Simple Steps For Cleaning Car Engine

Engine is undoubtedly the most important part of a car but still cleaning car engine is one of the most neglected aspects of the car cleaning process. Like most of the other things, a car engine performs better when it kept clean. Here are few tips for keeping the car engine and its compartment clean and fine-tuned.

Cleaning Car Engine

1) Take your car to an area where the cleaned off materials including soap, dirt and other chemical will not enter a storm drain or cause damage to it. It is important to dump the cleaned off like sludge residue of engine where it will not harm the environment or leave the marks on floor.

2) Turn the engine on for a few minutes if it is heavily soiled. However, make sure that engine only gets slightly warm and can be touched with necked hands.

3) Carefully remove the negative and positive cable on the battery, in the same order.

4) In order to stop the water from going to places where it does not belong, cover the exposed electrical components of the vehicle by plastic bag or wrap. Remember, the water can cause damages if allowed to enter these areas.

5) With the help of a stiff paint brush, brush-out any loose dirt or debris formed on engine surface.

6) Make a detergent-water solution, by mixing good quality grease cutting dish detergent into the water.

7) Apply the solution on dirty areas of engine with the help of a stiff brush and let it work with dirt and grease. If there is heavy grease on some engine parts that can’t be removed by using water detergent solution, than an engine de-greaser solvent can be used for the purpose.

8) Rinse the engine by using light pressure of water. A garden hose will be the best for this purpose.

9) Let the wet engine surface dry completely. Remember, turning on the wet engine can cause serious damages to it.

10) Remove the plastic and all the other material you used to cover the electrical components.

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