3 Easy Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Boom Lift Rentals

Boom lifts are specialized pieces of equipment that are used to elevate other equipment as well as people for aerial work projects. If you find the costs of buying a brand new boom lift prohibitive, you could always check out local boom lift rentals. Boom lifts have a wide array of uses and are always in demand. If you are considering a rental make sure you avoid common mistakes that most people make.

Knowing your Options

Having information about the height needed for the boom lift rentals to operate is essential. Typical operating capacities range between 500 to 700 pounds but some lifts can handle weight capacities of as much as 2000 pounds. The boom lift should also be easily maneuvered into the warehouse. If you reside around San Marcos area, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that most dealers of equipment rental in San Marcos have high capacity boom lifts available at affordable prices.

Not Knowing The Available Models/Types

The second biggest mistake people make when choosing boom lift rentals is not factoring in the available model types. In the case of boom lifts, there are two predominant models namely telescopic and articulating types of boom lifts. The telescopic variety comprises long arms that are easily extended at whichever angle you prefer. The average heights of the telescopic boom lifts extend to around 120 feet and these lifts elevate workers to extreme heights especially in very tall structures. The articulating variety of boom lifts has hinged arms that facilitate bending. Hence, these types of boom lifts can be easily maneuvered under or over obstacles. Irrespective of the type of boom lift you purchase always make sure to check the loader backhoe ratings that contain information on maximum weights lifted individually upon a full force push.

Not Choosing a Reputed Manufacturer

Though you may have subscribed to boom lift rentals you need to choose lifts from reputed manufacturers on doing so. Make sure the hot water pressure washer is of high quality and this will usually be the case if you select a boom lift from an established company.

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