3 Tips for Tire Maintenance that will keep you safe on the Road

Let’s take a look at this fictional situation: Imagine that you’re a driver since not too long, and as any young driver you’re looking for tips to improve your skills and ways to feel more secure about your driving. You’ll notice however, that people will give you a variety of tips concerning your engine, the way you should switch gears, even what type of car audio to install, but never tips about your tires. And it’s never a good idea to ignore tires ,especially if safety is your first concern. Tires are the part of your car that actually contacts the road, they are the part that conveys motion. So without it being in its top shape , any other performance of your car is insignificant. Wrong tires can lead to minor discomfort and small issues like a flat tire, but they can also be the reason you get involved in an accident that can cause somebody’s life. So make sure you maintain them properly.

But how does that work? Is it just about replacing them in time ? No. It’s a process that involves some simple things you ought to do once in a while just to be sure your tires are in shape for your next ride.

The first thing you can do is visually check your tires for problems. That won’t be able to tell you many of the important things, but at least you’ll be able to check for sidewall cuts or disruptions in your tire’s tread, which can grow to bigger problems. If you see something like that, bring your car to the car shop as quick as possible, people there will know what to do.

The second most important thing is to make sure your tread isn’t worn off. That can be done with a proper measuring tool like a ruler or something similar if you remember how tall the tread was in the beginning. A classic trick for people in the US is the Lincoln’s Head trick. Take a penny and insert it into the channel of your tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, you have to replace your tires.

The third essential thing to do is to monitor the air pressure of your tires. Properly inflated tires are bound to last longer than under inflated or over inflated ones. The reason for that is the fact that under inflated tires can be the cause of flats and various other types of damage to the tire. Over inflated tires are prone to puncture more , and also they give a bumpier ride, which can help damage the rest of your car, so be very mindful of your tire’s air pressure. For the correct value, consult your manual, and if you can’t find it , look over at your car manufacturer’s site, they often have a digital version of your manual. You can check and correct your car tires’ air pressure at home if you buy a pressure gauge , and at every gas station if you don’t want to make that investment.

Tires that have been taken proper care of are bound to last longer and increase safety. So make sure you do the best for your tires ,so that they can do the best for you too in return.

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