7 Seater SUV - Great Auto Having A Lot Of Options

Now, there are many segments of cars available in the market but most preferred is the SUV segment. Many companies concentrate on this segment specifically the high end car brands including Toyota, Ford, BMW etc.

It normally has two models and these are a five seater Truck or a seven seater SUV. We can get many features in the 7 seater SUV model. Some of the common vehicles in this type are the Ford Explorer, Ford Endeavor, Honda models such as Honda Pilot, Honda CRV, Toyota versions include Toyota Innova, Toyota Highlander and others brands like Hummer H3, Mitsubishi Montero, Nissan Murano. These are a few of the most opted SUVs in the market right now.

Which model is the best 7 seater SUV for you absolutely depends on your budget and needs. If your affordability is slightly around $25000 then you can choose a Ford Endeavor or maybe a Highlander but if u like to spend a little more, than Montero can be good for you. But the best SUV I would recommend is the Nissan Murano.

It’s a great utility car with classy appearance, easy handling and effective V6 power train. It has a wheel base of 111.2 inches, total fuel capacity of 21.7 gallons and immense leg area up to 40.5 inches. It’s very spacious and reaches a speed of 100 km/h in mere 20 seconds. It is available in many colors and various models. This great value car is available to you at a cost from $27000 to $32000.

The Chrysler Pacifica provides it with a tough competition in this price. It comes nearly at the same cost and has a wheel base of 116 inches which is difficult to find in other vehicles. It also has a leg space of 40 inches and is really spacious. These two cars are mostly preferred because of their looks and style. It’s a real value deal because it can enhance your driving experience and is wonderful family car.

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