A Complete Guide On Peterbilt Accessories

Peterbilt accessories have always been the number one choice among truck lovers due to its quality. Even post world war-I when all other truck manufactures’ rolled out huge trucks to meet the heavy demand of consumers, T.A. Peterman’s owned Peterbilt didn’t include itself in the growth race. His farsightedness paid off and gradually Peterbilt etched a special significance among truck owners due to its superiority and durability.

Do you know Peterbilt is the first truck manufacturer to use right-hand stand-up drive capability? Not only this, periodically the company has come up with many innovative strategies. For instance, to increase the payload capacity and reduce the chassis weight, the company devised plan to use aluminum due to its light weight. In fact it is innovative move like this which has catapulted many truck connoisseurs to customize their trucks as per Peterbilt model. Remodeling your truck is even easier today as Peterbilt accessories are easily available everywhere. It might cost a bit more, but with the quality standard of Peterbilt, it’s worth it in the long run.

Looking for info about Peterbilt parts? Here is a list of some prominent Peterbilt accessories that are a must for every Peterbilt remodeled truck.

Chrome Door

This part is a must for newer Peterbilt models especially those that are manufactured after 2005. The installation process is quite easy. A Bunk handle is another Peterbilt accessory mandatory for newer models.

Spring Brakes

Unlike any other spring brakes, Peterbilt compatible spring brakes offer the ultimate durability. The accessory is genuine and highly dependable. They cover up uneven wear and tear of brakes and excessive leakage. What’s more, it’s even economically priced to fit your budget.

Full Easy Pedal 2000 Clutch

This is one of the new generation of Peterbilt accessories that facilitates reduced vibration and easier adjustment. It also has additional thread clearance capacity to remove seizure possibility.

Premium Aluminum Wheels

Steel wheels of earlier models were tough to maintain due to their heavy weight. But now aluminum wheels are available which fits well into the Peterbilt trucks. Alcoa wheels are of premium quality as they offer greater durability. The Peterbilt accessory is available both in classic and Ovation model.

Mirrex Lights

With 5 LED diodes per light, Mirrex lights are a perfect addition to your Peterbilt remodeled truck.

Thermoflex Floor Mats

One of the most common Peterbilt accessories, this floor mat is great for all rough and tough usage. The floor mats have deep borders which facilitate holding objects that might be tracked into the cab. Plus, its teeth-like feature prevents it from sliding.

Most of the Peterbilt accessories can be available both in authorized shops as well as other truck parts dealers. In general, there is a 1year warranty in the accessories. However, while buying, it’s recommended to have a clear understanding about the warranty clause from your dealer. Because some accessories if found faulty, might only be replaced at the authorized dealer.

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