Acura Body Kits - 6 Steps to Choosing the Right Kit

  1. Choose a brand, style - When you start looking to the wide range of kits available (start with a look at some of our own body kits), it quickly becomes apparent how many choices. The fact is that most brands out there will work well, so it really is about choosing your look. Take time to browse the selection and find a look that suits your style.

  1. Special Considerations - After choosing your style should consider a few things before ordering. How low is the kit in your car? Will you require custom lights or exhaust to fit the kit? If you answer these two questions in advance, you save yourself some disappointment. There is nothing worse than being ready to install a kit, and then realize that I needed projector headlights to match. Or that your car sits too low and you will not be able to drive without a suspension upgrade.

  1. Get your parts - After you choose that style, just for their parts. Remember to order accessories such as suspension, lights or grills along with his team.

  1. Find a body shop - While waiting for parts to arrive you should spend some time to find a body shop. Most often it is worthwhile to get some quotes. You’re likely to find that there are a variety of prices in the stores in your local authority. When your team arrives I painted to match your car, and then it’s time to install!

  1. You Install Kit - When your team is painted you can install yourself, or workshop to do so. Assuming your car has not been customized before, most installations are as simple as following the instructions included in the kit.

  1. Give it a test drive - After installing the kit that you should consider for a test run slow and easy. What you want to ensure is that the suspension is quite stiff (so you do not hit the body kit with each beat), and has not created any rattling with loose screws, etc.

When you are sure that everything looks and works as expected finished. Now you can stand back and admire your work. A simple body kit is an easy way to convert your Integra into a brand new car!

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