Annual Antique Car Show - Much To See, All Across The Nation

The US is famous for being the home of the automobile and so it is hardly surprising that people in that country as well as throughout the world take a great interest in cars, especially antique cars. An annual antique car show is something that too generates a great deal of enthusiasm and in the USA in particular there are so many of these events being held in different states that ensures that you can get your money’s worth by checking out different states where various annual antique car shows will be held throughout the year.

Check Out Guildford, CT

Though there are many different annual antique car shows one that you may want to learn more about is the 31st Annual Time Machines Antique Car Shows & Flea Market. This is one of the better annual antique car shows that are held in Guilford, CT and it opens to the public between eight in the morning and closes at three in the afternoon.

Some of the vehicles that you can expect to see at this annual antique car show include unrestored cars, vehicles up to the year 1984. This annual antique car show has prizes for thirty-three judged classes and there are also prizes for Best of Show and Best of Featured Car as too Best Unrestored Class. In addition there are several other prizes to be won as well.

There is also the Manchester Antique and Classic Car show that is held during the month of June which offers car lovers, especially antique car lovers with an excellent opportunity to see the best in antique cars. Adults may need to pay eight dollars to get in while on weekends they will have to pay twelve dollars to gain admission though children aged less than twelve are allowed to enter for free. Remember, you can’t bring your pets with you to this annual antique car show.

This annual antique car show has several different classes including domestic classes as too import classes which mean that you will get an excellent opportunity to view antique cars from America as well as from overseas. You might also want to check out an antique car and truck show. After all, there were some very unique trucks that were being manufactured and used in the days gone by which are worth getting to see firsthand. The Ionia Classic Car and truck show is worth attending.

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