Auto dealer supplies - 3 items that market your company even better than your sales people

Most vehicle dealerships commit too much money on cosmetic items that draw short-term focus on their cars. But they need to allocate a larger portion of their supplies budget to purchasing things that will more permanently brand their dealership with their current clients and create more recurring business and prospects. But they should allocate a larger portion of their supplies allowance to purchasing things that may more lastingly brand their car dealership with their current customers and create more recurring business and referrals.

A good example of this would be the service indication sticker label placed in the upper left corner of the customer’s windshield. This reminder sticker will only be successful in building repeat business if this includes your dealer logo and contact info. Simple stickers don’t build loyalty. They merely encourage your client to have their car maintained at the closest and cheapest service shop.

License plate frames must be designed and chosen with forethought. The most significant source for new customers is currently your website, not your telephone number. Your internet site is easier to remember quickly. Insert your website address visibly towards the bottom of your plate frames. And in the event that your dealership has a particularly lengthy company name, shorten it in a fashion that is simple to remember and put this name near the top of the plate. This plate frame may be seen by up to 20 vehicles daily at red lights. Over a year, you may expect six hundred impressions. And over the duration of the vehicle, which may be about twelve years, you might receive 7000 impressions for your company. So, it’s obviously very important this be created correctly from the start.

Finally, with each new sale, there is an opportunity to place a simple final detail on the deck lid of the customer’s vehicle. It’s normal for a lot of customers to ask that the decal be taken off. But if you provide them an excellent experience, they are happy to leave the decal in its place and promote your dealership for as long as they have the vehicle. Additionally note that graphics get more interest and views, because they are placed in an area where people do not often see a branding message. You may also extend a special branding sales message on your vinyl decals which you cannot fit on your plate frames. For under one dollar, you can create a long term investment in your dealership’s marketing message with vinyl stickers.

So once you set a plan for marketing materials, make certain that at least 50% of these items will have a significantly longer lifespan than flags, balloons, and other short-term equipment. Invest for the long term, and you’ll receive long-term returns.

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