Bentley - Top of The Line In Performance

Bentley was founded by auto enthusiast Walter Owen Bentley, in partnership with his brother in 1919 in England. Their first cars were made available in 1921, about a year afterwards than it had been expected being introduced. The business was usually lacking funds which led W.O. Bentley to make the decision to seek the help of millionaire Woolf Barnato which eventually, this lead to Barnato owning the firm and creating him chairman from the board.

Bentley produced substantial efficiency cars that won consecutive victories from 1927 to 1930 at the 24 hours of Le Mans. Woolf Barnato, currently being a motorist himself, tried to keep the business in shape even though it meant applying most of his wealth, but the expensive parts and repair off the Bentleys couldn’t withstand the good depression and was eventually marketed to Rolls-Royce in 1931.

Upon Rolls-Royce’s acquisition of the business, it had been renamed Bentley Motors Limited. The old Bentley customer’s didn’t such as the new Bentley as it had been perceived as being a cheaper Rolls-Royce since it resembled the Rolls’ shape and exterior, yet, some liked the re-creation. Ultimately, sales dropped for each the Rolls-Royce and also the Bentley and the company was acquired by Vickers.

In 1998, the business was won by Volkswagen from a war bid with BMW, nonetheless the two businesses have discovered a way to think of a rendezvous for both companies to possess a role from the manufacturing and retention on the trade name on the Rolls-Royce designs.

Currently being a top of the line, substantial overall performance engine high end car or truck, Bentleys are even now thought to be one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world. It’s however staying used to race at the Le Mans Series. And considering that Volkswagen is the new parent of the business, we can anticipate to see modern versions to arrive out under the Bentley title, most likely a hybrid design or even an SUV inside the near future

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