Buying a Child Seat for the Car

Without a doubt, child safety is one of the highest priority for parents with babies. Here are some suggestions we would like to share with you when choosing your perfect child safety seat.

When it comes to choosing the right car safety seat for your child, you must consider your child’s age, weight and height. The car safety seat must be used correctly in order to avoid serious injury or death.

Driving safely is something which anybody can tell you is harder than it looks. All of the above can protect you to a large extent. Often, though, you are not the only person in the car. When you have kids in tow it becomes less about how safe you are and more about ensuring their protection. Although car seats can seem expensive, the importance of having the right one means that it is not a luxury purchase, but an essential one. The good thing about a car seat is that they are generally durable – as they need to be considering their purpose – and that when your first child outgrows it you can keep it in reserve for when you have your next. Buying a new one for each child is excessive, especially as you will need more than one for an individual child. When they outgrow their baby seat they will need a bigger one, and can need as many as three – an infant seat, a convertible seat and a booster seat. By having them face the rear of the car, all that will happen is that the seat will cushion the impact and they will feel a lot better – although still not too cheerful, so they should be consoled before you set off again. Infant car seat is best to use until at least one year old and a minimum of 10 kg (22 lb.). You must follow the manufacturer’s safety recommendations for height/weight. If your baby is older than one but less than four and weigh between 9 and 18 kg (20-40 lb.), choose a forward-facing car seat.

This type is more convenient for the parents. However, it should still be installed in the back seat of a car. Again, follow the manufacturer’s safety recommendations for height/weight.

For all car safety seats make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. If you have a convertible seat you can just switch to using it as a forward facing seat. Otherwise you can look at a built in, combination or forward facing seats which are usually suitable for infants up to 40 pounds (4 years). If your child is under the age of 8, weighing between 18 kg and 36 kg (40 – 80 lb.) and less than 145 cm (4′ 9″) tall, choose a Belt-positioning Booster Seat. If your child is older than 8 and weigh more than 36 kg (80 lb.), he or she is now ready to use the car’s seat belt.

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