Buying a New Car Vs Used Cars

The automobile market today is flooded with cars of all make, both new and used and the customer is definitely spoilt for choice. Prospective car buyers can choose from literally hundreds of models both in the new and used car category. While a new car can certainly be the owner’s pride a used one is also not a bad idea if budget is a constraint. However, you must make sure that the used car is bought under certified pre-owned programs or through authorized dealers.

For those with an economy budget buying a used car makes more sense as a three or four year old larger car with more features can be bought at less than half the average price of a new car. A new car with a limited budget would mean a smaller car with fewer features. To help you decide better here are a few advantages of both used and new cars.

Advantages of Buying Used Cars

Used cars provide the following benefits:

- Used cars give a wider choice in today’s bear market scenario as even large SUVs can be got at reasonable prices. Midsize cars can be got at extremely budget-friendly prices and the options are more varied in the used car segment.

- The original warranty of the car factory of a used car is transferable to the new owner, normally at no extra cost. The warranties may not be the same as the ones on new cars but they do lessen the risk in the purchase of a used car. To maintain reliability, a pre-certified late-model used car can be bought along with the original warranty and then additions made.

- The idea of certified pre-owned programs has made the purchase of used cars a better alternative. This program allows for the purchase of ‘almost as good as new’ used cars at affordable prices.

Advantages of Buying New Cars

The benefits of buying a new car are many:

- A new car requires less maintenance for the first few years or maybe for even a longer period of time. The cost of routine maintenance items may also be covered by the manufacturers.

- New cars normally come with a warranty of three years and some may offer longer warranties. This gives the advantage of any problems being fixed by the manufacturer or the dealer if it occurs within the warranty period. Manufacturers normally provide coverage for both anti-corrosion and power trains.

- Under state lemon laws the manufacturer has increased liability with regard to new cars. A replacement car or a refund can be got if there are problems with your new car and the charges can be proven.

- Free roadside assistance is made available to new cars and light trucks during the warranty period. Only fancy car manufacturers do not offer roadside help. If your new car breaks down far from home, you may also be eligible for reimbursement or alternate transportation. Free routine maintenance is offered by many car manufacturers for the first two years of ownership.

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