Car Modding Advice and How to Increase Power in Your Car

Improving the cars handling and stopping power is equally if not more important as making a car faster. It’s a fact realised by many only too late when the inevitable happens. Faster cars tend to build up more speed before you hit the corners so braking becomes just as important if you want to get a good lap time. Increased braking also produces more heat so standard OEM brakes begin to fail as the heat increases. You really want to be able to stop the car in an emergency so big brakes and high friction pads are an essential. Simple mods better tyres and different size wheels can have a beneficial and sometimes an adverse effect on the car’s handling. They should be chosen carefully and match the performance characteristics of the car.

Larger capacity engines always give a greater return on your tuning investment with a typical NASP gain of 20% for modest engine work depending on the modifications selected. Typical tuning modifications would include a fast road camshaft, induction kit, sports exhaust, sports catalyst, custom headers and fuelling upgrades. The best cars for tuning are turbo charged cars as these are in standard form over engineered and doing some remapping you can increase the power from 30% to 40% with diesel power gains being slightly less than that for petrol models.

When you tune your car is recommended that you consult with a mechanic and get the work carried out respected motor trader because we’ve seen many diy projects go horrendously wrong and a perfectly good car has been ruined. We see many people spending lots of money on rather modest cars, hoping for a dramatic increase in power and instead, getting an unreliable car that is hard to drive in traffic.

This does mean that there are part completed project cars for sale many people have undertaken tuning on their car without any experience or idea what they are doing ,and have got a broken car, and are forced to sell their car. As this partially complete project is not road worthy you can pick them up for a bargain price and if you know what you doing it will not always cost a great deal to complete the project.

Want to make your car go better and get better performance than ever before then you need to consider car tuning. Many people are looking into the ever popular hobby of car tuning and making large power gains on relatively normal cars with a minimum of hassle and fuss. You’ll find loads of performance tuning parts available but sadly many of these only provide limited benefits providing little more than any enhancement in the engine know tore the exhaust note. We know well that greater noise does not necessarily mean a car is making more power, a fact that is sadly ignored by many younger car owners.

Which modifications you go for there is no substitute for the voice of experience. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others a fool makes his own. It is also handy if you know which parts work well as there are many snake oils. Tuning cars can be a bit of an obsession when you get going and it really does prove invaluable to get professional help before starting your project.

Which mods you go for there is no substitute for the voice of experience. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others a fool makes his own. It is also handy if you know which parts work well as sadly many performance parts are worse than standard ones.

If you strip an engine you can get it the parts balanced and machined to a high tolerance and this will make it perform better when rebuilt. It is also a sensible at this point to upgrade to the internal air flow characteristics of the engine was a process known as head flowing.

Additionally you are able to improve the air flow through the head of the engine with careful machining and addition of larger valves smooth or polishing the manifolds which will make a substantial difference to the power output of the engine and in some cases will give additional reliability.

Much money is wasted in car tuning where people buy performance parts that arecompletely unsuitable for their application or they have believed the overoptimistic hype from the manufacturer of them. Here it does pay to get impartial advice from acar tuning or someone who can at least point you in the right direction we found TorqueCars quite helpful. The aim is to get the engine to burn more fuel and in order to get the engine to burn more fuel you need to supply a bigger intake charge of air this is a simple requirements of the triangle of heat, fuel, oxygen. Air intake modifications will allow more air to go into the engine but this needs to be matched with extra fuel.

A turbo or supercharger is a good way of forcing in more air also referred to as forced air induction. An easy job then? It is not as easy as it sounds because a typical engine would just blow up if it were suddenly turbo charged. The compression ratio of the engine will need to be lowered by a rebore or stroking the engine and the Fuelling and the timing of the ignition will also need to be altered to take into account the new air and fuel characteristics of the turbo charged engine.

A remap will advance the engine timing forwards and give sharper acceleration and greater power. Many people have made mistakes tuning their cars and we strongly urge you to consult a specialist for impartial advice. There are various stages of tuning with stage one meaning a single bolt on part, stage 2 which usually requires more parts if you want the full power gain and for competitions the full stage 3 which is not suitable for road use at all{due to the reliability issues and the requirement to use the higher rev range|because of reliability issues and generally higher operating speeds}.

We find that Japanese cars seem to have a much wider variety of performance parts available for them along with many styling parts. From a tuning point you ideally need to start with a car that has a bigger engine size so we would recommend beginning with a 2.0 litre engine or turbo engines also responds very well to tuning. You can choose to tune up lower powered engines but you will find that the returns in relation to the amount of expense turns out to be a bad investment.

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