Choosing the most appropriate GPS system to travel with

A lot of buyers are running into difficulties due to the market being full of different models with a wide range of features.

Because of this, here are a few things you should consider before buying a GPS.

1) Three types of satellite navigation system are available. They are called integrated based systems, plug and go systems and portable systems.

Integrated based systems: This type of sat-nav is installed within a car and works well with the rest of your cars features. The downside is the costly installation but in contrast to this the system integrates itself into your cars system.

Plug and go systems: These sat-nav systems are a lot cheaper than the integrated sat-navs and can be used in more than one vehicle. The only downside is that this sat-nav can be cumbersome and they run a risk of being stolen, as they are easily removed from your car.

Portable Systems: The best portable option and the cheapest as you can download it onto a mobile device. However, the issue with this sat-nav is the maps aren’t too clearly visible being displayed on a phone screen and the phone charges can high.

2) You should then consider the size and quality of the screen. The sat-nav display should maintain its quality even in bright or dim light the content of the screen is clear. The last thing you want is to be driving along and then be unable to see your sat-nav screen. It needs to be of a good enough quality to be highly visible at all times. With a non-reflective screen and bright display.

3) The amount of coverage that your GPS gives you is also important. You need to make sure that your sat-nav isn’t going to lose service when you travel in sheltered areas such as a forest. You don’t want to get lost somewhere and find out that the sat-nav has cut out and doesn’t supply a suitable route back home. Make sure you look into particular specifications of GPS systems available on the market.

4) Ensure that it has both audio and visual description capabilities. These features are important for two reasons: Firstly, it would be dangerous to stop watching the road to read your sat-nav so hearing instructions will be quicker and safer than trying to read them. Secondly, the visual directions can be very useful if you want to re-read the instructions, in the event that you could not hear it.

5) Are there any extra features offered? Information is available from some sat-nav systems about areas where traffic is particularly bad and the locations of speed cameras. These extra features can help you to avoid situations where you end up in congestion and give you the ability to slow down before you come to a speed camera.

Following this advice it won’t matter if you’re new to driving or have just taken out a Chrysler leasing deal and you should be heading towards your destination in no time.

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