Classic Cars Valuation - Insurance Purposes

The insurance company may not reimburse you with a full market value if your classic car happens to be stolen or lost. The problem may be further aggravated if your beloved classic is a vintage, rare and historic collection of cars. Thus you should approach this matter from inception, particularly understanding the classic car valuation. The value of a vehicle is usually determined by the market trends at the moment.

It is extremely unlikely that an owner of a classic car to know the classic car value at any time upon buying it. The same applies to the insurance company who has to estimate the price of the risk. Besides, the company will have to take into consideration the repair costs as classic cars are subjected to higher repair charges compared to normal vehicles. In order to prevent the occurrences of such problems, most underwriting companies that provide classic car insurance or classic vehicles collectors will come up with an agreement policy called the ‘Agreed Valuation’. This policy is to ensure that should a classic car owner happens to claim that his car is beyond repair or has been written off, the insurance company should compensate the full amount of the agreed value. But in most cases, this is only applicable for a certain period of time. However if there is changes in the value of your vehicle, you should inform your insurance company to get a new classic car valuation done.

If it is too difficult to attain the classic car value of your car then you may consider bringing up a concord where it includes the agreed value as part of the insurance plan to prevent unwanted problems between you and the insurance company in the future. Usually there will be an ‘Agreed

Valuations Certificate’ issued to you by the company. Hence if you wish to switch the insurance company remember to check if the new company acknowledges the certificate issued by your previous insurer. Overall, it is not advisable for classic car owners to spend on insurance premiums as the classic car insurance from any specialist car insurance is sufficient to guarantee you a safe reimbursement.

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