Classification of trucks according to the GVWR

Trucks are having immense scope of utilities and also are the most inspired and interesting themes of automotive vehicles. The trucks are created in thousands of varieties regarding to different styles and passions of trucking. Different countries are having different norms of classification of trucks and the base standards. These trucks can be classified in USA with the base of Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The trucks are classified in 8 different types according to weight and three sections are created in the names of Heavy Duty Trucks, Medium Duty Trucks and Light Duty Trucks. These trucks are detailed with information with the help of these prime features and functions. Let’s start the Journey of the most commonly accepted styles and types of Commercial trucks.

The Light Duty Trucks

The light duty trucks are the ones that are having gross vehicle weight rating of trucks are 0 to 10,000 pounds. Class 1 and Class 2 trucks are the ingredients of this classification of trucks. These trucks are not used mainly for transporting as they are having lower towing capacities and also are the lighter vehicles that can make the trucking better and smarter. Some of the most popular names of this category are the Toyota Tacoma, GMC Sonoma, Nissan Titan and Ford F-250. These vehicles are also used in the form of traveling and making transportation faster and smoother. These trucks are quite popular in the US commercial truck transportation industries.

The Medium Duty Trucks

The Medium Duty Trucks are the trucks that are used mainly for the day to day transfer of the products and to make the industrial goods transferred to the desired places. These trucks are the most consumed trucks by the transporters and most of the trucking options come in this section. medium duty trucks are the trucks that include Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 Trucks. The net GVWR of this section is 10,000 pounds to 19,500 pounds. This weight normally includes all the industries except the heavy equipments and construction equipments and few more. This section is therefore quite important and vital classification of trucks. The medium duty trucks are produced by many of the truck manufacturers. The leading names in this section are the Ford trucks, GMC Trucks and International Trucks. The prime models are the F350, GMC Sierra, Ford F 450, GMC 4500, International MXT, GMC 5500 and also the Ford F 550. These trucks are offered with the option of dual rear wheel drive and four wheel drive as well.

The Heavy Duty Trucks

The heavy Duty trucks are the heaviest trucks available. These trucks can bear the heaviest loads of the industries and also of the equipments. There are many options and alternatives available in this section. The total GVWR of this section is 19,501 pounds to 33,000 pounds. These trucks are mainly used in the construction industries and also to transport the heavy equipments and machineries that are used in the industries. These trucks are manufactured by few of the manufacturers as these are quite technically stronger truck models. The leading names of manufacturers in this section are the International Trucks, GMC trucks, Ford trucks and few more. In some of the countries and states, the driver of these heavy duty trucks require special license to get these trucks driven. The popular models of this section are International DuraStar trucks, GMC TopKick C 5500, Ford F- 650, International TranStar Trucks 8500 Trucks and Tractor Trailer etc.

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