Complete Information about Tandem Trailers

Tandem trailers are basically a kind of trucking arrangement used for some purposeful work. A Tandem Trailer consists of mainly three components, a tractor and two trailers. The tractor in the tandem trailer pulls the trailers one behind the other. Tandem Trailers are also known as dual axle trailers or tandem axle trailers as tandem trailers are meant for higher load capacity compared to single axle trailers. Some tandem trailers may even have more than two axles. The extra axle in a tandem trailer provides for extra wheels for more stability and a smoother ride.

Tandem trailers may be open or covered. Tandem trailers are available in different shapes, sizes and may even be built to specifications. Tandem trailers are specifically designed so as to be able to carry machines like diggers and excavators and even cars. Some tandem trailers may be specifically designed to suit a particular trade, like for catering services.

Most of the tandem trailers are built in a manner to make them suitable for general purposes. A tandem trailer might also have a flat solid bed that can be used for carrying garbage, garden waste, rocks, home appliances amongst other things. These tandem trailers with a flat bed generally have a hydraulic jack or scissor to lift the bed for quick unloading.

The hitch is another most important component of a tandem trailer and is to be selected according to the load to be transported. The tandem trailer hitches are a pinned ball socket connection, which allows movement between the tractor and trailers while they are towed.

Tandem trailers are quite difficult to handle in heavy traffic because of their length and heavy size and only an experienced driver is usually able to manage tricky road turns. Parking a tandem trailer is quite a difficult job, which is even more so if it is to be moved into a particular parking space or position. Usually, the parking space is to be cleared to double the length of the trailer for it to be able to move into the designated space.

If you are contemplating buying a tandem trailer, it is essential for you to be clear about the type of load you want it to be able to carry so as to choose a tandem trailer that best suits your requirements. If you plan to transport light loads, then a single axle trailer will be good enough and will prove to be less expensive as well.

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