Get Your Car Ready For Part Exchange

Buying a new car can be costly; many people will find that they can struggle to afford to buy a new model car without having to resort to some form of lending or finance. Fortunately there is a process known as part exchange where you can trade in your old car so you can get a sizeable amount of money to use towards the cost of a new car.

This process applies in most car showrooms but also some individual sellers may offer this service, however, they may only want a certain vehicle or one of similar value in return. It is important in either case that your car itself looks at its best so that it can maintain as much of its value as possible. The person you are trying to part exchange your car with is now acting as the buyer and you the seller, to make sure you get as much money off your new car purchase as possible there are a few steps to take to ensure your car gets the biggest evaluation.

Getting your car cleaned is the first and most obvious step to take, but when looking to sell your car you’ll need more than just the garden hose and a sponge. Using car shampoo and car wax will help make your car sparkle and look attractive to any buyers or part-exchangers. If you notice any pain chips or scratches on your car, then it may be worth while investing in touch up kits to subtly get rid of any scratches, however, ensure that you get the same colour as your car.

Also, to make a good impression on the buyer, ensure that your car looks impeccable on the inside as well as the outside. Clean out all your junk, CDS, and parking display tickets (if you have any) and give your car a good vacuuming. It might be an idea to use a handheld vacuum for this, however, most vacuum cleaners now have the wand attachments, that should take care of most of those difficult areas of the car such as under the seats an on the seats themselves.

As well as how your car looks, make sure it’s running properly: Inflate your tyres, top up your oil and make sure any problems are taken care of before they become more costly to repair. Making sure you have all the relevant service history for your car as well, this is a good indicator of how the car has been cared for and whether there have been any major repairs done to your car.

As long as your car has been well cared for, not driven excessively then you should be able to get a decent amount when it comes to part exchanging your car for a newer, more modern and safer car.

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