How Experienced Is Your Car Detailer?

Nearly all Mobile Car Washing business also offer a professional detailing service. These services include more then the normal wash and make your car look brand-new just like it was when you bought it, and if your mobile car wash guy really knows how to detail, your car will actually look better than new; that is to say better and cleaner than when you first bought it.

Having been in the industry for several years I can tell you that there is a big difference between someone that washes cars, and someone who is trained and skilled in the art of car detailing. Far too many mobile detailers are brand new in business. In fact, most of them come and go within six months. And very few mobile detailers stick it out for more than a few years. Having been in the industry for so long i have noticed an increased amount of mobile detailers popping up, alot of these guys have had no prior detailing experience and come from backgrounds other then automotive, not that there is anything wrong with this but do they really have the knowledge and skill to safely and professionally perform the detail your spending your hard earned cash on and performing work on your vehicle which is most likely one of your biggest asset.

Alot of these new detailers have purchased cheap equipment, put up a website and claim to be professional detailers that have been in business for years, infact some are not even properly registered business, and they have only been in business for a few months and they may not understand exactly how to do detailing properly, and if they do it wrong they can burn through the clear coat of your car and permanently damage it.

Always do your research when looking for a Mobile Car Detailer and ensure they have been in business long enough to know exactly what they are doing and have the skill to undertake the job.

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