How To Do A U-Turn

First of all, what is a U-turn?

Well, a U-turn is a term used in driving. It actually refers to that move or maneuver that drivers do when doing a 180 degree rotation. This move is done so as to change directions. To put it simply, you might be on the left lane when you realized that you do need to go the other way. That's when you make a U-turn. And this maneuver is called such because the whole deal looks like the letter U.

It is important to note thought that there are some areas where this move is considered to be illegal. If you would notice while you drive through various roads and streets that there are some areas which have signs that proclaim that they are for U-turn maneuvers only. These signs are often put in areas which are quite busy.

So how do you exactly make a U-turn?

Just simply keep in mind to always be cool and calm while doing this move. That way, despite the high number of motorists and vehicles speeding past you, you would still have good control over yourself and your car.

You switch on the turn signal. This turn signal would be the one that would show other people and motorists the direction of the turn that you are taking. As you do so, check for oncoming traffic. Also, make sure that the location where you would be doing your U-turn allows this maneuver. Keep in mind that U-turns should not be attempted across a double yellow line as well as areas where there are signs that indicate that this move should not be done there.

Make sure that you have enough room to make the complete turn. See to it that you would have enough space without hitting the curb or any other vehicle. Then, press lightly on the gas while turning the steering wheel as far as it will go in the direction you would like to turn to. Next, lift your foot off the gas and then go through the turn. You now are in your new lane. You can continue your driving.

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