How does truck suspension enhancement system work?

Suspension enhancement system or kits are designed to supercharge the performance of the suspension in a heavily loaded vehicle. Suspension Enhancement Systems are designed to work in conjunction with a truck suspension that is in good condition, i.e., if you have a badly sagging truck suspension, a SES is installed to uplift the suspension and a stable, smooth, safe ride is guaranteed. It is engineered in such a way that the hollow rubber cushions absorb road shocks and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions.

The core functions of SESs are:

  1. To carry heavy weights over the roughest roads with ease.

  1. To reduce excessive trailer sway.

  1. To improve stability when cornering, swerving or in high wind situations.

  1. To protect truck suspensions from sagging.

  1. To improve body rolling or weight transfer.

Let’s probe the engineering behind the core functions in detail. When the truck is loaded, the springs are responsible for absorbing all of the shocks like bedrock and provide a smooth ride. This will cause the vehicle to feel unstable during cornering, and it is therefore advisable for a spring to be placed at an appropriate vehicle rate height. The more distance a spring compresses or extends, the more the vehicle “rolls” around on its suspension and causes instability. This rolling is called weight transfer, and it is caused by centrifugal force acting on the weight of the vehicle as it goes around a corner. Weight transfer can overload a tire’s grip, which ultimately hurts traction, and therefore handling.

Suspension Enhancement Systems are mounted between the chassis and the axle of the truck. They can be installed easily with the help of basic hand tools within few minutes. They work in concurrence with the existing suspension to improve the ride of the vehicle and to protect the springs against overloading, road shocks, bottoming out, swaying and spring failure, while at the same time maintaining the factory ride when unloaded.

Like all other components of a truck, the SES also has a full stabilizer kit meant for specific applications. They range from the smallest utility vehicle to giant heavy duty applications.

Towing and Plowing Applications

- Once you have a suspension enhancement system installed on to your tow vehicle you can ride with peace of mind knowing that your suspension can handle the extra stress.

- Suspension Enhancement Systems are designed to provide a safe and level ride for plowing snow in the toughest of environments, be it a pickup or a highway truck.

The capacity rating of the suspension enhancement system is equally proportionate to the approximate capacity of the rubber springs. The rubber springs are capable of absorbing most of the road shocks that are being generated by the road surface. The spring rate of the SES provides an incredibly smooth ride when loaded as well as when empty.

SES are low in maintenance, no holes are drilled while installation, and therefore there are no airlines or fittings to allow leaks.


Always fix the load carrying capacity of your truck; even after you have added an SES to your trucks suspension, ensure that the truck does not exceed the specified Gross Vehicle Weight.

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