How to Buy the Right Trucks for Your Truck Fleet

Finding a good fleet truck with a proven track record does not have to be difficult. Even if you want to find fuel-efficient trucks or want to go with alternative fuels, you have many options. Managing a fleet and keeping your drivers safe is a full time job, so you might need a little help finding a fleet truck that meets your needs. It is important to understand exactly what you need and consider how the vehicle will be used. Don’t forget to add in the costs of travel and maintenance as you decide on the trucks for your fleet.

Toyota, GM, and Ford all are award-winning providers for fleet trucks, but you will find that other manufacturers also offer fleet trucks, and that some are introducing new trucks for commercial use. If you are looking for value, GM and Ford both offer high-value vehicles and offer several different models to choose from, differing primarily on size and weight. Demand for better and lower-cost vehicles grows every year, and manufacturers are responding to their customers by producing new fleet trucks with more versatility and at lower costs.

Fleet vehicles do a lot of travel time. The importance of finding a fuel-efficient vehicle may be at the top of your list. As the talk of carbon emissions gets louder, alternative fuel trucks are also coming into demand. Electric and hybrid vehicles are more readily available than ever before, and vehicles that use biofuels are climbing in popularity. Getting the power you need from an alternative fuel truck is becoming more realistic. Alternative vehicles come in all weights and capabilities, but they can be more expensive. The safety and management of your fleet trucks should be taken into consideration before you replace a vehicle or buy a whole fleet. Fleet trucks always need to be at optimum operating levels, and keeping them safe for your drivers almost requires your own repair garage. Commercial fleet managers have to think about liability too. It is their job to keep all trucks running well and without problems. Choosing a good vehicle limits the problems you might encounter. Look for a truck that has a history of durability and can handle the loads you expect.

Cost is another factor you must consider when purchasing fleet trucks. The price of the truck is not the only cost. Over the life of the truck, there are several costs that come into play. Depreciation is one of these costs. A truck loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot, which means you take a hit when it is time to replace the truck. Fuel and insurance are necessities, as are taxes and fees. If your fleet is financed, the interest must be figured into the total cost of the vehicle. Finally, you must account for ongoing maintenance and repairs.

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