Import Car Body Kits

Buying import car body kits is easier than ever thanks to the internet. Customizing import cars is moving away from being a hobby toward becoming a big business. Import car body kits can include many things, including spoilers, wings, skirts and air dams. Many kits serve to improve aerodynamics and increase speed, while also making the car look cooler.

There are several factors to consider before making an investment in import car body kits, but first and foremost is the kind of material you want, fiberglass or urethane. Both materials have their advantages. Fiberglass is the preferred type because it usually provides a superior fit and is also easily repaired. Be aware that not all fiberglass import car body kits are created equal; don’t save money by buying low-quality sprayed fiberglass.

Sprayed fiberglass often winds up giving you uneven quality prone to brittle sections that can result in both problems with the fit and breakage. Those who choose the urethane kits prefer it, however, because it is a little tougher and hold up to minor impacts better than fiberglass. This is important because if it does get damaged, it’s almost impossible to repair. Another word of advice: Fiberglass import car body kits are unquestionably the better choice if you plan on a customized paint job.

Import car body kits may sound like a DIY job, but unless you have some experience or are just blessed with natural abilities when it comes to do-it-yourself projects, the actual installation is probably best left to a professional or at least an amateur whose work you have actually seen.

The best way to find someone to install import car body kits is probably to ask someone who already had a body kit installed. Ideally, attending an import car show would probably be your best bet; you’ll likely find not only owners with body kits, but some of the guys who make a living installing them. Unfortunately, not everybody has access to a car show. Next on the list would be hitting the internet.

Import car body kits are always a hot topic of conversation on the import car forums and message boards. The internet is a primary source for information on the import car scene because enthusiasts love to show off their stuff. Take a few hours to look around and you’ll not only find images of the kind of body kit that you want, but also vital information on problems, modification tips and hints, and even the names and phone numbers of qualified installers.

There is one single piece of advice you can expect to get from just about everyone. There is very nearly unanimous agreement anyone getting import car body kits installed should also get it painted at the same time. The reason given for this advice has nothing to do with saving money, or body protection or anything like that; this advice is given to protect the drivers from ridicule. Apparently, it is the ultimate in uncool to drive around in unpainted import car body kits.

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