Import Street Racing Cars

There is no other exciting fun in the town than the late night street car racing. You are probably among the street cars racers who are in love with racing and money making. Though street car racing is illegal in countries, but who can stop the fans. Several street car racers dump their old cars and search for new and better racing cars. If you are one street racer who wants to dump his old car and import a street racing car, its time you act with maturity and sharpness. After all you are importing your love- your street racing car.

Every country sets its own car importing and exporting rules. There is no such standard tariff rate and import duty on cars. They differ from country to country. So it is very important for you to choose, from where you want to import your car. There are some basic guidelines which you should follow before you import your car.


The first thing you should decide before you import a street racing car is the model. You should determine the model you want to buy. With the availability of internet, you have thousands of sites providing you with detailed information about street racing cars. All you need to do is intensive research. You must search for the one which suits you the best— budget wise and usage wise. You should compare the prices of the cars within a specific country and among the other countries. This would give you an idea of the lowest price of the car available.

Check Specifications

After you have made your mind on a specific model, check out the standard specification of your car. As specifications vary from country to country, it's important for you to compare the different specifications of the same car provided by different countries. You should choose the options you want in your car to keep its price comparatively down.

Shop Around

You should always compare the price of your car in multiple dealers within and outside the countries. You should also check for the retail price of the car, the VAT inclusion, discount on order, deposit required and mode of payment. You should also shop around to find out the import tax you have to pay for importing a car from a certain country to yours. If you have all these information in hand, it would be easier for you to import your car from a country from where it costs less.

Additional Costs

You should never neglect the additional costs which are related to your vehicle import. These additional costs include the ferry tickets, hotel, transit plates, fuel and insurance costs. These costs are very much important which determine the total cost of importing your car.

Buying and Importing Your Car

You should select the mode of the payment which is comfortable to both the dealer and you. While you import your car, you should ask for the written conformation of all financial transactions and agreements. You should know your dealer in detail and ask him to arrange for temporary export or transit plates.

After Importing Your Street Racing Car

Once you have got your street racing car, you should get your vehicle registered locally by a vehicle registration office. Some of the paper work included after your car import is certificate of newness, certificate of conformity, temporary registration plates and documents, temporary insurance certificate, invoice of sale. All these documents are to be obtained by your dealer.

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