New Generation Energy Efficient Automobiles

Green autos is ones of the most discussed topics right because global warming is really getting on our nerves. Standard cars emit a lot of pollution and hence damage the environment. Green cars are seen as an ideal solution to minimize the problem of air pollution. Every one is talking about going green these days. The media is vociferous about it; they are constantly educating people about the threats of global warming. There are different green concepts invented and green autos are one of them. I did some research on these vehicles and found that they aren’t as green as you think.

People who are concerned about global warming say that people should use green autos but what are they anyways? And do they indeed play a big role in slowing down global warming? There are two types of green cars available in the market right now – hybrid cars and electric cars. The latter is not that eco friendly as the name suggests. For running the green autos, you have to charge it in the power station which converts 30 to 40 percent of energy in to electricity. When this electricity it transferred to the electric car from the station, 30% of it is lost through the electric cables. Thus you see, a lot of energy is lost when the power is transferred. The only ‘green’ feature of these automobiles is that they don’t emit any air pollution but they are not energy efficient as the hype suggests.

The hybrid vehicles, on the other hand, are preferred by many motorists. These green autos come with both gas engine and electric motor. These vehicles are much better than electric siblings and they are much more environmental friendly. But there is still room for more technological research for these hybrid cars.

Recently, a British automobile magazine tested four different hybrid vehicles by driving them throughout London. All four performed below expectations and the magazine said that there is more needed to be done here. The hybrid motorcars are not that green either because the batteries need to be disposed of. They are not biodegradable and hence pose a threat to mother Earth. These vehicles are relatively expensive as compared to standard fuel based cars. I won’t recommend buying these green autos at least at this time because there is plenty of research to be done here to make these cars better.

To sum it up, I would say that the green autos are quite similar to hybrid and pure electric automobiles when it comes to power consumption. Disposition is still a matter of concern and the high price tag is out of reach for most people. But I think the price will come down in the future and then these automobiles will compete with the standard fuel based ones in the market. Also, these vehicles are not a good solution to the issue of global warming. Only air pollution problem is taken care of but a lot of energy is still wasted.

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