Protect Your Vehicles From Stone Chips

There are many companies in the world manufacturing and designing the most inclusive stone guard protection kits. Take the help of these companies to protect your vehicles from being damaged by stone chips, scratches and debris. Amongst all such companies Clear Mask is of great repute and is in this industry for about 7 long years.

Mirror, Fender, Hood

Protection from stone chip for your mirror faces, fender and hood are simply a must. These kits have always been the best selling stone guard designs because these areas are the faces of vehicles that relieves direct impact. These are actually the areas that can be visible when viewing the car very casually. Mirror, hood and fender kits are available in varying sizes.


The modern bumpers of vehicles are made up of thermo plastic that makes paint exposed to the stone chips. The bumpers are subjected to maximum air pressure. Being much closer to road surface they’re more vulnerable to stone chip, gravel and sand. So, protecting it is essential.


Modern fog lights and headlights have the capacity to light up the road to a great extent. However, these automobile parts are also vulnerable to stone chips punishment. The replacement cost of headlights and fog lights makes them necessary to be protected with headlight covers.

Roof and Side Frames

Leading edge of roof and side frames are many a times overlooked while taking into consideration the stone guard shield. The same stones that cause the stone chips also cause the broken windshields and as a result roof and side frames surround the windshield.

Rocker Panels

The area below doors that run from behind the front wheel to front of rear wheel is susceptible to the stone chips being catapulted and slung by front tires. Rocker panels are most of the time scraped off with shoes while entering the motor vehicle.


Low potions of the doors are subjected to stone chips punishment. You can very well notice this after driving the vehicle in rain storm for you can witness the debris and mud on lower areas of the door after the vehicle dries up.

Rear Bumper Deck

Just beneath the trunk lid on top of bumper is the area known as Rear Bumper Deck. This is the area that’s prone to severe damage by golf bags, luggage and others while unloading and loading. Most of the carmakers have realized the problem and thus have protected the area with chrome, rubber mats and paint protection film.

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