Reupholster Car Seats

Make a 10 year old car look like new isn’t as difficult a task as it seems.

As the recession is uncertain, we have all revaluated our personal situations and been making many cutbacks, as a result were trying to get the best from our old cars, here’s some top tips you can do to make your car look new again:

Fix those dents

If your car has some dents & scratches, then have them fix. Try find a dent master in your place.These rare masters should’ve at least 5 years experience in the paint less dent repair & maybe even several years working in a garage. Once all the dents are fixed, giving the car a paint job on time. This is cheaper than having your car body scrapped, and now you can give the car a coat of primer before you paint it. Metallic paints work best, they give your car a nice fresh and clean look, and with a gray primer, gray and silver paints work best.

Check the cars shock absorbers, tyres and wheel nuts.

If the age of your car is 5 or more years, you need to test your shock absorbers, tyres tread depth and wheel nuts. Now your car should feel like new without strange noises, can only be a good thing. Parts should not cost that much, but do shop about for the best price to get the lowest cost you can. If you can find spare parts other than original parts in the suspension & tyre bolts & bushings. Spare parts should work, as original replacements can be expensive. Another option if you’ve time & patience to go & look for replacement parts at junk yards.

For hard to find car parts, the internet is great, there are owners clubs for just about every type of car, all you do is post a request for a part, and you will be emailed when someone gets that part for you. You might at least get a referral to a place where you can find these parts.

With the increase of mobile upholstery vans, re-upholstering your car is now a very affordable option, and really sets off the car inertia. Otherwise just plain seat covers can do the job. It’s better to buy 2 sets of seat covers; you can alternate their use 1 month at a time. The seat covers prolong your current upholstery’s life, although does not look as nice a re-upholstering.

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