Sterling Trucks Live Long Lasting Legacy

Sterling trucks may not be as well known as the GMC and Ford models, but this is one company that is responsible for manufacturing many of the large load vehicles that transport a variety of goods that consumers purchase today. The company’s name may be off radar to many consumers because the company makes trucks that are primarily for business use. But any business that transports knows the Sterling name and the quality behind the name.

The current sterling trucks for sale include the Set-Back A Line, Set-Back L Line, Set Forward L-Line, and the Acterra. They are well equipped and geared for any business that needs a vehicle in the workplace. Although the company responsible for manufacturing has discontinued the line, the brand still appears to be one of the best in the line of heavy duty trucks.

One of the most news worthy features available to businesses that purchase the Acterra can be seen in fuel savings. These vehicles come equipped with the latest in diesel technology from Mercedes Benz. This literally puts the consumer in the driver’s seat of green technology with less pollution in terms of the gas saved per gallon for any heavy work load trips.

The Acterra is great for pickups for things such as dirt or gravel, but this is not all that Sterling trucks have to offer. The lineup goes a step further in offering the very best in regional hauling vehicles. This is evident with the Set-Back A Line that can transport up to 125,000 pounds. In addition to this awesome feature, the Set-back is also a vehicle that reigns in the area of fuel efficiency.

The Set-Back L-Line and the Set-Forward L-Line are also great for business use due to improvements on the design for better visibility and greater suspension control.

These vehicles combined have made Sterling the perfect supplier of transportation vehicles for almost any business that is in need. It is almost mind blowing to believe the company has discontinued what appears to be a long legacy in heavy duty truck manufacturing.

Many of the changes that were made in the technology in terms of saving actually dated back to the year 2008. This is when Daimler decided to discontinue the subdivision for the Sterling product line. The trucks can still be found, however, in many dealers and resellers throughout the United States and Canada.

The product line, which was originally a subdivision of Ford Motor Company, has been branded several times before the models were actually discontinued. The discontinued line stopped the company from expanding on all of the latest changes in green technology production. They were obviously on the right path because all four of the models that were offered boast the same fuel efficient standards that define the current heavy duty work trucks on the road today.

The brand name may be discontinued, but Sterling has generated a legacy that can be realized even after they have stopped traveling down the road of truck manufacturing.

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