Summer Car Maintenance - Tips to Keep Your Motor Going

The summer season is well underway now with a lot of people already enjoying backyard barbecues and days lounging in the sun, some people may even have the urge to make the most of our favourable weather at the moment and drive somewhere on holiday in the UK. There are still plenty of hazards on the road and little maintenance jobs we should keep an eye on whether we do in fact get some decent weather or get the usual summer down pours.

The summer can often bring with it higher temperatures, this may mean if you are unfortunate to be stuck in traffic jams then the heat could make you irritable and drive more aggressively. Try to keep cool by either using your air conditioning or bringing a cold drink along with you to make sure you don’t boil over and cause an unnecessary accident.

As well as making sure you have plenty to drink you should check your car’s coolant and other liquid levels, many breakdowns in the summer are because the car has overheated and smoke has begun to billow out of the engine bay. Other parts of your car are also prone to damage caused by the heat such as your tyres, the change in temperature and humidity can affect the air pressure in your tyres so you should check your tyres before any long journey and regularly.

The road surface is also going to be incredibly hot meaning your wheels could skid if you have to stop suddenly, do your best to avoid this by making sure your tyres have a decent level of tread and that they aren’t below the legal minimum. You should replace any tyres that are going bald as they can be at best ineffective when stopping and at worst can develop punctures or blowouts.

There is of course the other hazard of rain water as not even our British summer times are safe from the British weather, with water on the roads you will need to be careful of your speed as any sudden stops are likely to again result in you skidding. The summer weather may make travelling more pleasant and enjoyable when it comes to the scenery you still need to be cautious of the road and everyone else out there.

Your car can be subject to added stresses during the summer so make sure you do your best to keep it in good condition. Even if you are not planning to sell your car right now, at some point in the future you may wish to trade up and having a car that is in decent condition to trade or part exchange can help save you some money when you are looking to get a new car.

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