The Trick to Installing a Truxedo TruXport

Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who gets dragged to the opera for one of the world’s most expensive naps or regularly attends state dinners with leaders from around the world, most guys only have to don a tuxedo once in their lives. And, while she may tell you how good you look (read: ‘for a change’), you still feel fidgety, constrained and uncomfortable. Luckily, dressing up your truck with a Truxedo TruXport tonneau cover is a lot easierÂ…and way more fun.

A Truxedo TruXport is a roll-up tonneau cover made to fit your truck’s specific make, model and year. Constructed without the cumbersome snaps, zippers or clips found on most other tonneaus, the TruXport Tonneau seals smooth and secure through a heavy-duty Velcro closure system and a support system that includes straight bows and cross members to eliminate the “covered wagon” arched look of other tonneaus. They prevent your cargo from being blown around by wind and protect it from rain, snow, UV rays and other damaging elements.

The easy-to-use tension adjusters provide a fiberglass-like sleek surface in any weather, giving your gas mileage a boost. Plus, the TruXport’s support cross bows are attached directly to the heavy-duty vinyl tarp, rolling up to provide complete access to your entire truck bed in less than 30 seconds—a huge time savings over other soft tonneau covers and hard tonneau covers that have to be uninstalled to accommodate larger loads.

Soft tonneau covers have come a long way in the past few decades. Similar to hardtop tonneau covers, they’re constructed from durable materials that provide a smooth, sleek appearance and easily match most truck finishes and bed liners. The heavy-duty black vinyl tarp on a TruXport provides a reliable layer of defense, concealing the items in your truck to provide privacy and deter theft.

Also known as folding tonneau covers, soft tonneau covers provide waterproof protection against rain, snow, UV rays and dust, and even come with optional locking devices. In fact, the TruXport Tonneau features a latching mechanism that can only be released from underneath, making it perfect for locking tailgates. Similar to their hard-top counterparts, soft covers streamline your rig by making it aerodynamically efficient, allowing air to slide off the cover rather than becoming trapped in the bed and creating drag.

The beauty of a Truxedo TruXport is that there’s actually no trick to the installation—it couldn’t be simpler. It only takes 20 minutes, utilizing clamp-on hardware, and requires no cutting or drilling. It comes backed by a 5-year warranty and arrives complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions for a simple do-it-yourself installation.

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