Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Sat Nav

If you are a regular traveler then you might as well buy your vehicle a Global Point System or Sat Nav. This special accessory can direct you through unexplored locations. It will suggest an alternative route during traffic on your way to your company. Some Sat Nav device comes with an infotainment features to entertain you during unbearable rush hour. In fact, you might be surprised for some store locations that essentially exist that you never noticed before.

If you have GPS in your vehicle, you can effortlessly detect store locations, restaurants and gas outpost. You can also find the adjoining canteen on your current location. In emergency cases, this is also expedient in spotting the nearest hospitals and clinics. To localize the uses of Sat Nav, it helps you search route to a specific destination, explore exclusive point of interest and the gadget will calculates the route to get you there.

On the other hand, buying a vehicle Sat Nav for the first time can be argumentative. Before purchasing a GPS guide for your vehicle, you might as well ask these following questions, ‘What are your everyday driving conditions?’ Or ‘How often you drive on foreign places? And what features that are important to you?’ On the other hand, the primary thing to be concerned about is selecting a direction-finder to analyze its precision when placing searches.


Today, Sat Nav value went down in the merchandise from what it was categorized as an exclusive vehicle accessories. Its price depends on model’s features or the extras included like the ability to speak the name of the street, warnings on speed, and some have the reality view. The high-end Sat Nav model includes FM radio receiver of traffic details announcements, blue tooth connectivity on PDA phone gadgets, weather reports and internet capability.

Understanding Your Needs

Torn between in-Dash or Portable devices? In today’s Sat Nav merchandise, there is an in-dash GPS navigator model and other comes in portable gadget like Smart phones, others on built-in functions of car DVD player. If you are using GPS for your job that requires a lot of driving, the bigger the size is the easier to use. Both hand held and in-dash often comes with similar functions but the in-dash is more user-friendly. In spite of this, these in-dash models you can hold when you travel by air. Usually, hand held GPS like those in mobile phones have smaller screen which are difficult to read and pass through especially when you’re driving. But this kind, you can bring and use it anywhere you go-on-car and off-car, by air or by foot.

Types and Features

In choosing in-dash and portable models, the screen and user-interface is one of the biggest factor to consider before buying a GPS navigator. Smartphones or PDA phones like Android models and Iphones have sharp touchscreen display. Surely, it can be difficult to navigate maps when you are looking at small fonts. It is difficult to see and operate when driving. While in-dash types have a much bigger screen and custom made for car safety driving, the cost is another thing. Some Sat Nav system can be downloaded free on Android phones and a fraction of price on the other smart phone models.

When comparing smart phone GPS and in-dash GPS, an essential factor to be concerned about is the fineness of maps and information. In smart phones, GPS system and maps are being downloaded from the internet. There will be some cases that the maps will be outdated and unavailability of maps when in some remote areas. Conversely, smart phone have an edge when it comes to connectivity to cellular networks. Unlike in-dash, requires separate connection.

Surely, there are so many things that one should be concerned about when buying the right Sat Nav for cars. Certain functions can add cost to the device. To be budget-wise GPS customer, pick only that is essential and critical to your driving needs.

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