Time to Protect the Inside and Outside of your Pickup Truck

Is Prevention better than cure? Yes! I strongly believe that prevention or preventive maintenance is better than cure. If that were true all the time, what are you waiting for to protecting the interior and exterior of your pickup truck?

Prevention is the shield which protects your vehicles interior from potential disasters, wear and tear from day to day commute or long distance driving.

Whether you drive a Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Cadillac, Toyota or Nissan pickup truck, there are countless automotive accessories designed to protect your pickup truck. As a rule of thought, a fenceless house is a defenseless house. That rule of thought is also applicable to your truck; if you do not defend the many obstacles that might befall the inside and outside of your truck, it will crumble. If you have decided to defend your pickup truck, here are some suggested aftermarket accessories to help protect the interior and exterior without a glitch.

Starting with the front of your pickup truck, there are custom grilles, hood deflectors to fend off bugs and stones, grille guards, bumper guards, bull bars or push bars. Applying any or combination of these accessories will help provide maximum protection to the front end of your vehicle. On the left and right sides of your pickup truck, try installing a set of window visors or rain guard, side step bars, body side moldings and splash guards. The rear end of your pickup doesn’t offer a lot of accessories, but there are some good quality accessories to consider; a rear tail light guard and perhaps a rear bumper guard or even a backup camera. If you truck is daily driven and you use it to haul stuff every now and then, consider a bed liner, bed mat, side rails or a tonneau cover.

For all the many accessories to protecting the front, sides, bed and rear of your compact or full-size truck, there is a void that most pickup truck owners’ ignore or totally neglect to protect – the interior. The interior, if you will is your castle and you have the right to protect the space in your castle. Most truck drivers spend a vast majority of time inside their truck for daily driven assignments or for fun. But what they fail to realize is the fact that the interior takes a lot of beatings from day to day usage.

What is the solution to protecting the interior? Well, there are lots of affordable or inexpensive aftermarket accessories custom-made to protect the interior of your pickup truck without revamping or altering the condition in any one way. Among the many custom accessories include dash covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats or floor liners, seat protectors, UV sunshades, window films or window tint and finally an alarm system to actually protect the truck from be stolen or borrowed by thieves. The unique feature about most interior accessories, when compared to the external accessories, is that most of the accessories offer do-it-your-self installation. Finally, it is wise and sensible to install either a backup sensor or wireless backup camera to avoid any kind of accident including personal or collision with an incoming vehicle.

With all the many interior and exterior accessories designed to safeguard your new pickup truck, can you afford not to defend your vehicle? Of course not! Failing or ignoring protection for your ride can, and will depreciate the value of your truck especially when you plan to re-sell or trade-in your pickup. With all that said, when are you going to start protecting your pickup truck? Today, tomorrow, or when you have some money or better yet, when you win the lottery. Stop procrastinating and start defending your pickup truck one step at a time.

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