Tricks For Picking Pickup Bed Covers

If you don’t want to spend a lot, soft covers offer much value. That’s because they accomplish two tasks that most pickup owners are looking for. For one, the soft covers put both the bed of the truck and the cargo under cover and out of the weather. Secondly, by covering your cargo, it’s hidden away and that accomplishes the first level of security for loads, putting them out of sight. Soft covers offer top value.

The fiberglass bed cover may not always be a tilting lid. Once you move up to looking at hard covers rather than soft ones, the options really increase. The classic choice for hard tonneaus might be the tilt lid such as is offered by Gaylord. A similar cover that looks like it might be fiberglass but isn’t is the Undercover tonneau. This cover substitutes plastics for fiberglass and in the process builds an impact resistant cover that weighs only 58 pounds in the full size version. But the tilting covers have issues and that’s one reason for other hard cover models.

Another very popular option is the race look you get with the tilt hard tonneau. Gaylord and Undercover are worth a look. One makes a fiberglass tonneau cover and the other provides a tilt forward cover of lighter plastic that weighs only about 60 pounds for a full size version. The tilting lids provide full bed access and turn a pickup bed into a trunk-like box. Look out though, taller cargo prevents closing the cover.

Choosing from among the many pickup bed covers is difficult simply because there are so many options. Think about how you use your truck and how much you want to spend and you can usually quickly narrow down the options. Following you will find tips for getting the best truck tonneau covers for your purposes and maybe for less money than you might expect too.

Retracting tonneau covers often get the nod at the really premium choice for a bed cover. That’s due partly to the cost but there are other reasons as well. A retractable cover is really at the core a sliding metal sheet of aluminum that moves forward and back as needed to close or open the bed to access. When not in use the cover slides into it’s own storage can out of the way and out of sight as well. As secure as the hard covers that tilt or the tri-fold covers, the roll forward covers also permit easy access to the entire bed for using it any way you choose. Unlike tilt forward covers, the retractable bed covers put no limit on the height of the load carried either. Any cargo that fits the bed, fits the cover too.

Pickup bed covers offer protection for cargo as well as for the pickup bed as well. The great variety of choices makes deciding on what to get more difficult as well as more of a puzzle. Getting a cover that works is easy and you can shop locally or online dealers are also an option and often getting a cover from an online supplier is just as easy and simple as getting one through a local outlet. in either case the cover gets shipped in and often very rapidly and for little or no extra cost to the purchaser.

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