What are the benefits of Cold Flow Improvers

International haulage firms operating in extremely cold countries could be at risk if they fail to use diesel additives to keep their fuel at the right temperature. When operating in temperatures that drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, fuel can start to form waxy crystals that stop it from flowing properly.

This can stop you from filling up at the garage or cause more serious problems if it happens while already in the vehicle.

Diesel additives, such as Cold Flow Improvers, are now extremely popular in helping with this problem. They reduce the size and shape of the crystals, keeping the fuel in its liquid form. That makes it easier to flow and helps it to reach the engine filters and keep your vehicle moving.

Anyone driving in countries like Canada and Russia are likely to already be familiar with the benefits of Cold Flow Improvers, while others have made excellent use of the chemicals in factory generators.

The chemical also means that diesel can be stored in extreme conditions – even the coldest of winters – and then used whenever it’s needed.

Summary of the benefits Cold Flow Improvers offer

  • Fuel stays liquid so it still pours in extreme temperatures

  • Vehicles are less likely to break down or suffer damage to the engine

  • You provides peace of mind knowing your vehicles are more reliable

  • It’s often cheaper than alternative diesel additives

  • Fuel can be stored without fear of it crystallising, so it’s ready when you need it

  • It can be used in generators and other diesel equipment

Those are the essentials, but for more information about Cold Flow Improvers, why not talk to the experts at Innospec to see how they can help.

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