Why You Should Buy Your Business Truck Fuel through a Fleet Card Program

Using a fleet card offers you many benefits. The savings on fuel alone may make the fleet card worth it. However, fleet card programs can provide many other incentives and programs that give your fleet extra coverage. Many fleet card programs have built-in management features that help you to keep careful track of activity for all of your trucks, which can also help encourage accountability among drivers. Fleet card programs can be a great tool to have for any fleet, large or small.

Fleet cards keep track of all the fuel purchases your drivers make, so you no longer have to track down receipts or wonder if the cash was actually used for fuel. Some cards have security features that can further save you money, such as allowing specific cards to only be used at certain stations or require the mileage entry at the point of sale before purchase. Managers can place restrictions, like limits on the dollar amount per transaction or gallons purchased, on each card The dates and times that the card works can also be determined by the manager, so that on weekends or holidays, the card can be made inactive. Some fleet card programs offer discounts on gasoline, as well.

Most fleet card programs offer additional benefits to help you manage your fleet. Special promotions on insurance and maintenance are a few of these benefits. Another benefit to management is the ability to set reminders on licensing, registration, and maintenance. In some cases, there may be a network of businesses offering promotions to fleet card holders. These are usually related to fleet maintenance, but occasionally offer other things.

Fleet cards can sometimes be more like a budget reporting system than a gas card. You can keep track of expenses in real time and put restrictions on amounts spent or where the card is used. They eliminate stacks of paperwork that come with accounting in fleet management, and you may be offered additional coverage like road-side assistance that can ease expenses. Tax help may also be a benefit of a fleet card program. This will help you to keep track of deductible fuel expenses and several companies provide assistance once it is time to file.

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